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If we do not have used copies, we automatically substitute with new copies (typically 25-40% more expensive).

If you definitely do not want any substitutions and prefer for us to cancel those titles which we cannot fill according to your preference, please enter NO SUBSTITUTIONS in the Customer Notes field under Order Options during the checkout process.


Ordering from the bookstore is an easy way to assure you purchase the right book in time for classes, with hassle-free returns. The bookstore also provides competitive used-book pricing and an extensive rental program. To order from the bookstore, start by selecting the term and your classes below.


We know price is important, and we strive to get you the lowest prices on textbooks. Sometimes, however, another online source can beat our prices. Our Price Comparison tool not only shows you the Puget Sound Bookstore price right alongside those from Amazon, Half.com, etc but also allows you to order your books from our bookstore as well as the other online sources.

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